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Unique Fantasy Combinations at Alchemical Words

unique fantasy combinations - oh the possibiitiesI’ve got a new blog post up at Alchemical Words. Once again, I’m talking about fantasy as a genre. Where is the fantasy genre headed? What will it decide to be when it grows up?  What needs to happen for the fantasy genre to make it through it’s difficult teenage years? I begin to ask those questions and search for answers in Unique Fantasy Combinations – Oh, The Possibilities

I even get pretty bold and daring when I attempt to use a permutation and combination calculator! I know, right? I’m pretty sure I abused those venerable mathematical and statistical formulas in order to make my point – meaning that I’m not sure I used the calculator in the spirit it was intended. Besides, everybody knows that statistics can be molded to support anything you want. That said, the numbers do support the idea that, depending on the number of variables such as characters, plot devices, settings, magical elements and so on, it is possible for there to be literally billions of unique story combinations.

Check it out and let me know what you think about my take on unique fantasy combinations